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2 way sms short codes are 4 digit special mobile numbers by Etisalat and du network in United Arab Emirates that enables you to receive sms messages from your own customers and send them back customized pre-drafted sms text message based on the customer message.

For Example Send Clouds to 8840

We work with B2B and B2C clients for the provisioning of 2 way sms short codes in United Arab Emirates. Lease sms short codes with a fractional setup cost and monthly recurring rentals, you don’t have to pay huge operator costs and even no need to beer annual agreements. You don’t have to invest in the IT system for SMPP SMS Gateway for the connectivity. We have acquired the robust technology that handles huge inbound and outbound sms traffic in real time.


Non Premium SMS Short Codes

Non Premium SMS Short codes are also called standard tariff sms short codes, Here all mobile phone subscribers are charged for 0.18 A.E.D per sms and no revenue generated for the SMS service provider or content providers. These short codes are mostly used to get customers feedback, run polls, raffle and contests, media houses campaigns and many more. These sms short codes helps to gather valuable contact details of potential customers that can be used for re marketing purposes.

How to Acquire Non Premium Standard Rate SMS Short Codes

The commercials involved are One time setup charges and monthly short code rentals paid in advance. All sms messages pushed using the sms short code will be charged @ 0.11 AED per sms. There is no hidden charges. Pay only monthly rentals rest we do for you.

Premium SMS Short Codes

Premium sms short codes are special mobile numbers those are programmed to a desired tariff (like 5 AED or 10 AED per sms), when a mobile phone subscriber sends an sms to the sms short code he will be charged for certain Amount.

In United Arab Emirates, both the GSM operators Etisalat and du offers the the premium sms short code with 45%–55% revenue sharing along with certain monthly rentals per short code per operator.

How to Acquire Premium Rate SMS Short Codes

For premium sms short codes please note operator Etisalat and du charges 45% of the Gross Revenue as Revenue Share. du operator imposes a penalty of 7500 A.E.D per annum per short code if Gross revenue is less than 19,000 A.E.D during the calendar year. To know more about the Premium short codes setup charges and monthly rentals please write to us at

  • 2 way sms short codes are used for
  • Customer Support System
  • Raffle and Draw
  • Customer Feedback
  • Subscription base sms services.
  • Subscription to promotions.


  • Job Alert Notifications
  • Interview Schedule Confirmations
  • Interview Reminders


  • Flight Booking Confirmations
  • Flight Booking Callendars
  • Flight Status Notifications


  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Payment Due Notifications
  • Account Confirmations


  • Ticket Booking Confirmations
  • Payment Transaction
  • Payment Receive Confirmations


  • Product Purchase Confirmations
  • Payment Notifcations
  • Payment Received Confirmations


  • Free Payments Reminders
  • Free Received Confirmations
  • Class Cancelation Alerts


  • Registration Confirmation
  • Class Schedules Notifications
  • Membership Renewal Alerts


  • Hotel Booking Confirmations
  • Reservation Information
  • Payment Received Confirmations


  • Product Purchase Confirmations
  • Offers & Promotions Notifications
  • Shipment Tracking Notifications


  • Taxi Booking
  • Service Reminders
  • Customer Feedback Surveys


  • Tour Plan Confirmations
  • Tour Booking Notifications
  • Payment Received Confirmations


  • Account Registration
  • Password Reset Notfications
  • Web Maintenance Notifications