Ascendable SMS API Programme

SMS API – Neighbourhood Straight Line Connectivity SMS UAE MARKETING is Right connected with UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Middle East mobile Mechanics. We make invulnerable and provide provide a formal assurance SMS Conveyence in real time



SMS API – Universal Connectivity

We are linked to more than 400 mobile Servers in more than 180 countries to convey your sms alert and sms informing.


Why  SMS

SMS is an well organized , well-founded and successful procedue that you require to solicit attention it is the quickest growing mean to connect with your traffic.


Account substantiation

Send codes via SMS to verify phone numbers

User Apprising

Send important alerts, Prompt , establish the truth or correctness of orders, all through SMS

Grab Customers

Ration product updates, increased features, and operate downloads with SMS

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