Web Designing

Web Designing

Today we get to know that what is web designing?

First of all we need an editor for coding that we have in our system with us is notepad that is available in our system it works as a editor and after making the codes we need to check them on a any of our browser to get a preview of the website and the most commonly used browsers that we use are google chrome, firefox and internet explorer

Internet explorer is already installed in every windows you can design a website run a test on that but if you are making a professional site you need chrome or firefox for that

Still Confused ? Don’t Be I am not going to get you In trouble by letting you know how to make a site

If you want a Website Contact us we design a website for you with SMSUAEMARKETING one stop shop

We Make Websites with a front using


And a Back Using

Jave script , DHTML , PHP with SQL

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