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Bulk SMS Dubai

United Arab Emirates is a Country with a population of 9.4 million and is icreasing  day by day .Dubai is one of its parts with a population of 3.137 million.Bulk SMS Service is the massive way of sending text messages to all these people it is the best and effective way to communicate with all these people in short time and effectively


Sms stands for short message service which means to convey a message from one person to another person shortly and quickly . Makkaon was known as the founder of SMS but later he said that it was Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert who created the first 160 character protocol and after that a well known mobile service at that time NOKIA who made the first text messege enabled mobile phone

Now a days almost 9/10 people are using cell phones and mostly like 90% of them communicate through SMS service that is what we are doing we are brining people close by our BULK SMS service that wea are providing to bring people close to each other and to be in touch with all of them you care

SO what are you waiting for pick up your mobile phones and give us a call


Why Schools Needs Bulk SMS?

Welcome here in

Lets Face the fact everyone has a Mobile Gadget in their hand all the time and almost 70% of the people wants to receive promotional,offers and coupans on their devices and it is a universal fact that most the messeges are read in 4 minutes as they are received

So How Can you use smsuaemarketing to grow the bussiness of your school you can ask parents or teachers to be a part of your school campaigns by signing up for your school instant messeging system by sending a special username to a special number that we are going to provide you

This will help all the students and parents to remind about the

School Events

Placement Testing


Parent Teacher Confreences

Field Trips


Sports Games

Schools Plays

This can help you reduce cost on mass marketing system like distributing flyers and it can also safe staff time that are making calls

This is the most powerful system that SMS UAE MARKETING is providing so what are you waiting for pick up your cell phone and get amazed with this feature


Web Development

Work Place is a very important component of a business and by a website you have a digital platform that you have in front of all the world that’s the front line for your business the more it is effective and good the more it is efficient

we are here for your need

pick up mobile phones and


Web Designing

Today we get to know that what is web designing?

First of all we need an editor for coding that we have in our system with us is notepad that is available in our system it works as a editor and after making the codes we need to check them on a any of our browser to get a preview of the website and the most commonly used browsers that we use are google chrome, firefox and internet explorer

Internet explorer is already installed in every windows you can design a website run a test on that but if you are making a professional site you need chrome or firefox for that

Still Confused ? Don’t Be I am not going to get you In trouble by letting you know how to make a site

If you want a Website Contact us we design a website for you with SMSUAEMARKETING one stop shop

We Make Websites with a front using


And a Back Using

Jave script , DHTML , PHP with SQL


It is said in English that we should all live with unity and integrity

that is exactly the meaning of intergration to live in unity and to be together

In physics integration means to take smaller quantities and make it a big quantity you can also take it like that it helps someone to take a smaller version and to convert that smaller version into a bigger one by using the method integration

In every field like in mathematics there is addition which means adding stuff like add and subtraction like subtract so every word is coming and saying it own means that’s how integration is saying its meaning on its own means to integrate

That how integrations work integration of time gives us more time integration of velocity gives us more velocity and integration of sms will give us more custumers pointing towards our business

Like if I go to shopping mall and buy grocessory stuff for making a building everyone will call me a fool so I ned to know the stuff I need to make a building that how SMS API INTEGRATION is we need to know what is our need so with this we can unite our custumers in one place by doing sms api integration with your website


How it can be Done?

SMSUAEMARKETING has the solution of your problem that with our sms api integration service you can unite your custumers all in one place can connect with them every time you want

SMS Marketing

Are you looking for more custumers and more revenue for your business

Do you know the #1 thing that seprates the business from its competition all it comes to you its present the number of people know that you are there because you have given them a reason to know in this days it is getting harder and harder to keep growing your business without using massive expensive marketing tactics its simply impossible to gain this presence through old fashion forms of advertising like news papers like tv ads and radio ads etc many b ussiness don’t even generate enough income to get through these massive expenses wel we all know the fact that we need money to generate money and what we need is a dirct connection to your custumers a way to contact them anythime night or day and at a cost you can afford

How we do that?

Phone Calls?




Text Messages ?

Yes you got it right

Two words SMS MARKEITNG is an efficient , reliable and effective method that you need to seek attention it is the fastest growing means to connect with your traffic as a fact more than 5.2 billion people are using there mobile phones right now in there hands it is also a fact that more people don’t check there emails every day and don’t even get calls from custumer care but all of them uses there phones and text messages right away it is a fact that more than 97% of text messages are read in 4 minutes after receving it because your custumer is ready to get content from you so he is ready to have it and read it with intrest
Each messages sent is filtered and is according to services you are providing to people and there is a age restriction and a geographic fiter that you can apply to target the people that are interested towards your content and you can advertise yourservice to them easily and effectively and response rate is 70 out of 100 and you can make sure than your business is growing as a result so how does it feel?

A little cost on mobile marketing will make enough custumers as they are standing outside the shop and looking for a purchase it gurantees a good result and almost immediately it dos not just promote your business but also make a base of loyal custumes towards your business

Targeted Alert Notification

What is it?

Why it is Used?

Do I have any benefit of it?

Wait Wait Wait i am here to answers all of your questions SMS UAE MARKETING is providing a service that is known as TAGETED SMS ALERT it is a service through you can send alert to all of your employees even they are having there phones on airplane or they are out of network coverage area or they are having there phones on silent mood they will receive the text message with a tone and a vibration and you will get a SMS RECEIVED BY ALL alert

Isn’t it great so pick up your mobiles and get this service as soon as possible

Reach Clients

Today i am going to tell you about a service you have not heard from anyone and any company before.Its a service that will help you increase your custumers and to increase your sales.This is the best marketing solution for all people doing bussiness all over the world

It is an SMS Alert System we are providing so when the mobile is in pocket and on flight mood or silent mood the custumer will still receive an sms alert with a tune and vibration isnt it facinating

Cant beleive me but this is a truth and reality so pick up your mobile contact us now and increase sales

What Is Flash Meaasge?

Flash message is a powerful way of doing sms marketing.

How is it possible and what is flash message ?

Well i am here to tell you all about it . Mostly people in the market dont like to receive sms marketing messages so the flash message work as notification it will come as a pop up on the screen until it is removed by the user  it is like an advertisement that you need to see thats why it is the most powerful tool for sms marketing.a user dont even need to open his inbox

SMS UAE MARKETING is providing this service

You can avail this service and get your products in hands of custumers

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